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Welcome to Salt Cave Australia available in Melbourne

PH: 1300 773 511

So you want to start a lucrative Salt Cave Business in Melbourne? Or just build one for your personal use?

Do you have a current Business in Melbourne that you would like to add a Salt Cave or Salt Room?

We offer free training in either Melbourne or your potential location. We have more than 10 years experience in the salt cave business, which blitzes any other business in Australia making us a market leaders.

Were #1 because we don’t charge like wounded bulls! It’s an art to running a Salt Cave however with our help you will have all the info, from deciding whether it’s a viable option, to start up a Salt Cave business.

Our supplier support many salt cave and salt therapy business in Australia. They know the market I inside out. We also provide all the complimentary products to enhance your Salt Cave business.

We are a wholly Australian owned and operated business. There are no middlemen to deal with which means greater saving for you.

We use the new SSa range of Halo generators, which are a quarter of the cost of any currently available on the market without compromising quality. Each unit comes with 12 months warranty, spare parts and of course complete training from us from us at no cost to you. Why so well priced? It’s our own branded halo generator!


Too many people are paying too much to initially start up salt cave or salt room which is completely unnecessary. Initial start up costs are normally the largest financial part of the getting a business running. With us we’ve tried to make it considerably less without compromising quality! The most important factors are the location and your marketing strategy. We are sure that through a solid business plan this is the most cost effective and best way to operate.

Support in Melbourne

We give you support and guidance where and when it is needed and understand that each company is unique. We also understand that you have a brain and get on with the job perfectly!

We look forward to setting you up and getting you on your way in one of the fastest growing business in the world.


These are the simplest rooms to set up. They include a Halo generator, 2 small salt lamps and 20kg of pharmaceutical salt for the generator. They don’t have any salt on the floor or walls.

10 Metre3 $5,300

22 Metre3 $7,700


Passive rooms do not include a Halo generator. They are fully salt tiles room with salt on the floor. The tiles are 200x100x50mm and come at a cost of $2.20 per tile. Free 20 kg bag of pharmaceutical salt included.

Installation Fee starting at $1500 depending on the room size and location in Australia.

Freight not included in the prices

You can also buy all raw materials and D.I.Y!

Any combination can be designed and we are always ready, and willing and able to help!